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November 14, 2021

We were informed of a Brother who did a very courageous thing last week during work and would like to give him a shout-out! While he has requested to remain anonymous because he didn’t do this heroic action for recognition, he has agreed to let me share his story.

While on his UPS delivery route, our Brother came across a New Kent County Sheriff’s Deputy who had been involved in a vehicle accident while responding to a call. Our Brother noticed that the accident had just happened and that the vehicle was beginning to smoke. Without hesitation, the UPS driver stopped his delivery vehicle (following all applicable safety methods, of course) and heroically leaped into action to check on the deputy. The deputy was still in the patrol vehicle and our brother assisted the deputy in getting out of the vehicle and made sure that the deputy was okay. Once he determined that they had help on the way, he returned to his delivery vehicle and continued to deliver his route without even a shake in his voice.

Our Brother didn’t have to stop and make sure that the deputy was okay or offer assistance. He could have kept on going about his deliveries, but instead, he opted to potentially put himself in harm's way to ensure that this deputy was alright in their time of need. Brother, your altruistic ways should be a model for the rest of us because whether it is taking a new person under your wing, offering to take stops off of a driver who is struggling, and now, risking life and limb to help someone else in their time of need, you are amazing! I’m proud to call this fine person my Brother.