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Teamsters Still Stand Strong With RVA Workers To Bring Home Collective Bargaining Victory!

Teamsters Local 322 is still committed to standing strong alongside Richmond City labor and trades employees to fight to get you the contract you deserve!


We heard you loud and clear on June 22nd that you wanted the Teamsters to represent you in this fight, because we won the election with the most votes. Unfortunately, the collective bargaining ordinance requires the winning union to have a 'majority' of votes, and we fell just one short of that this last election. We know there are many factors that influenced this, such as many of you not getting ballots, the inability to get a replacement ballot, or the ballot never making it to be counted during the election. We feel your frustration with this, because if you all had the opportunity to vote, we would have secured the victory and we'd be moving towards getting you the best contract with better wages, better benefits and retirement, and strong protections. 

We will have to have a runoff election in the near future, meaning that you will have to vote again. If you didn't get a ballot for the first election, we can help you ensure you get the ballot this time! Reach out to a Teamster organizer, so that we can assist you! When this runoff election happens, make no mistake, you will be sending a strong message to Richmond that you want the Teamsters, the best union in Richmond that you elected the first time, to represent you to get you the best collective bargaining agreement possible. 


Stay strong, we are almost at the finish line and we're going to push to get this done for you, the employees who make Richmond City such a great city!

See the letter below from our Organizing Director Dwayne Johnson to you, the Richmond City employees, to see that we have your best interest at heart.

Richmond Runoff Letter To Workers.jpg
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