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NAPA Transport Drivers Vote to Join Teamsters Local 322

Jun 15, 2023

Strengthening the Voice of NAPA Transport Drivers: Teamsters Local 322 Membership Secured

(Richmond) – Teamsters Local 322 proudly announces that a resounding majority of NAPA Transport truck drivers in Richmond, Virginia have voted to join the union for their collective bargaining needs. The overwhelming support from the dedicated drivers demonstrates their commitment to improving working conditions, wages, and benefits.

The vote, which took place on June 15th and concluded at 4 p.m., marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of fair treatment and representation for NAPA Transport drivers. Teamsters Local 322, a leading labor union, welcomes the newest Teamsters to the local and is ready to champion their interests in negotiations for a robust collective bargaining agreement.

"This is a historic moment for the hardworking NAPA Transport drivers," said Dwayne Johnson, Organizing Director for Teamsters Local 322. "We applaud their unity and determination to secure better working conditions, fair wages, and enhanced benefits. Teamsters Local 322 stands firmly behind them as we begin the journey towards an impactful collective bargaining agreement."

Joining Teamsters Local 322 means that the NAPA Transport drivers will benefit from the union's extensive experience in advocating for workers' rights across various industries. Teamsters Local 322 has a long-standing reputation for securing significant improvements for its members, and the newly joined drivers can expect the same level of dedication and support.

Kevin Easley, a driver with NAPA Transport, expressed enthusiasm about the decision, saying, "By joining Teamsters Local 322, we are standing together as a united force to bring positive change to our workplace. I am confident that with the collective strength of the union, we can achieve the improvements we deserve."

Brian Peyton, President of Teamsters Local 322, emphasized the union's commitment to the drivers, stating, "We are proud to welcome our new members from NAPA Transport to Teamsters Local 322. Together, we will work tirelessly to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that not only addresses their immediate concerns but also establishes a foundation for a better future."

This pivotal development underscores the value of solidarity and collective action in advancing workers' rights. As Teamsters Local 322 and the NAPA Transport drivers embark on this journey, they aim to set a positive precedent for fair treatment and improved conditions within the trucking industry.

Teamsters Local 322, the second largest Teamster Local in Virginia, represents over 1,600 members in various industries in Richmond, Virginia, and surrounding areas.

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