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Stronger Together Richmond and Teamsters

Collective Bargaining In Richmond City

Voting for the Teamsters union in Richmond is the ultimate solution to secure the strongest collective bargaining contract, superior benefits, and higher wages. As the leading labor union, the Teamsters have a proven track record of success in advocating for their members' rights and well-being, making them the top choice of unions for workers in the City of Richmond.

By choosing the Teamsters, Richmond employees can expect an unparalleled union collective bargaining contract that addresses their needs and demands effectively. With their extensive experience and expertise, the Teamsters are well-equipped to negotiate favorable terms, ensuring fair wages and exceptional benefits that reflect the dedication and hard work of the workforce. When it comes to delivering optimal results at the negotiating table, the Teamsters have established themselves as the go-to union in Richmond.


Moreover, the Teamsters are staunch advocates for improved working conditions, enhanced equipment, and management respect. By voting for the Teamsters, Richmond workers are aligning themselves with a union that prioritizes their safety, comfort, and productivity. The Teamsters are committed to securing state-of-the-art equipment that boosts operational efficiency while prioritizing the well-being of their members. Additionally, they understand that fostering a positive working relationship between employees and management is vital. By advocating for management respect and open communication channels, the Teamsters aim to create a harmonious and productive work environment.


In the quest for better working conditions, the Teamsters are relentless. They understand the significance of fair scheduling, reasonable hours, and adequate rest periods to ensure a healthy work-life balance. By voting for the Teamsters, Richmond employees can be assured that their concerns will be addressed and their rights protected, leading to improved working conditions that promote job satisfaction and overall well-being.


In summary, the Teamsters in Richmond are the ideal choice for employees seeking a stronger collective bargaining contract, enhanced benefits, and higher wages. With their impressive track record and commitment to securing optimal results, the Teamsters have proven their ability to deliver on their promises. Moreover, their advocacy for improved equipment, management respect, and better working conditions showcases their dedication to the welfare of Richmond workers. By joining forces with the Teamsters, employees in Richmond can expect their voices to be heard, their rights to be protected, and their working conditions to be significantly improved. Choose the Teamsters in Richmond and experience the positive impact they can make on your career and quality of life.

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Richmond City Collective Bargaining Progress

Richmond City Timeline.png

We are here currently.

We understand that the journey to secure collective bargaining has been a long and tiring one, but we want you to know that we share your frustration and impatience. We have finally had an election held, where you made your voices heard that you want Teamster representation, however we have to have a runoff election because of the way the ordinance was written requiring a majority of the vote to certify a winner. We missed that mark by 1 vote last time, but when the runoff election happens, you'll be able to cast your vote again to ensure your voices are heard LOUD AND CLEAR by Richmond City! You will soon join your Richmond Public School counterparts and become part of the Teamsters family. We appreciate your continued patience and support throughout this process, and we urge you to stay hopeful as we navigate the final stages of securing collective bargaining for you. We stand strong in solidarity with you because together, we will achieve our shared goal of securing better working conditions, wages, and benefits for all Richmond City workers.

The petition for Labor & Trades has been filed!

On Thursday, February 16th at 12:30 PM Teamsters Local 322 officially filed a petition with the Richmond City Labor Administrator to initiate an election for the Labor & Trades bargaining unit. In the coming weeks, Labor & Trades employees will receive a ballot in the mail which will be used to vote for your union. This has been a long time coming, and we are as excited as you are to start the bargaining process!


In the coming weeks, you will be contacted by Teamster representatives. They will walk you through the voting process and discuss the next steps in the bargaining process after you elect us as the bargaining agent for your union. There is a lot of information, and we want to keep you involved and informed in the process! If you have questions, now is the time to get them answered.

The most important thing right now, is to ensure that your correct address is on file with Richmond City. This will ensure you get your ballot in the mail. If you have to update your address, you can do so by contacting Richmond City Human Resources at (804)646-5660 or by logging into the "RAPID" address update system.”

Collective Bargaining in Richmond City

By joining the Teamsters, you will become part of a labor family which has been in the City of Richmond, and surrounding counties, for several decades! We welcome the opportunity to represent you. As your advocates, we will fight for better working conditions, better wages, and better benefits for all city employees.


The Teamsters believe that EVERY employee in the City of Richmond deserves to have a voice in their workplace.

Teamsters in the Public Sector

The Teamsters represent over 200,000 public sector workers just like you throughout North America. We fight for them from coast-to-coast, from big cities to the suburbs to rural communities. By joining together with a strong union, Teamsters in the public sector have won better compensation, paid time off, better working conditions, a grievance procedure and much more.

Whether you work in groups of 11,000 or 11, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. The Teamsters are led by rank-and-file leaders, just like you. As a Teamster member, you elect your local union leaders to serve as stewards, officers, bargaining team members and other roles.

Join the working men and women across North America who keep our communities running!

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