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Stronger Together Richmond and Teamsters

Teamsters Local 322: Empowering Richmond Labor & Trades Union for a Stronger Future!

We are thrilled to announce a landmark moment for Richmond’s labor and trades community! The dedicated workers of Richmond City Labor & Trades have made a decisive move to join forces with Teamsters Local 322, marking a significant stride in our collective journey towards stronger representation and enhanced workplace rights.

This pivotal decision represents more than just a union membership; it's a statement of solidarity and commitment to the principles of fair labor. As the newest members of Teamsters Local 322, Richmond City Labor & Trades workers are set to bring a fresh wave of enthusiasm and determination to our ever-growing family. This collaboration is not just about strengthening our numbers; it's about fortifying our collective voice and amplifying our impact in the Richmond labor sector.

The journey ahead is promising and filled with opportunities. Our immediate next steps involve organizing bargaining proposal meetings, a critical phase where voices will be heard, and key concerns will be addressed. These meetings are essential in shaping the future of our work environment, ensuring that every member's input is valued and considered. Following these collaborative sessions, we will commence bargaining their contract with Richmond City, a process we approach with optimism and a strong commitment to achieving the best outcomes for our members.

For those Richmond Labor & Trades workers who have yet to join our ranks, we extend a warm invitation to become a part of Teamsters Local 322. Membership in our union not only offers you a seat at the table during these crucial bargaining discussions but also provides a platform to advocate for your rights and contribute to shaping a fairer, more equitable work environment.

Joining is straightforward. If you haven't already filled out a membership card, simply click here to fill out a digital membership card. This link will guide you through the easy process of becoming a member of Teamsters Local 322. By joining us, you’re not just signing up for union membership; you’re becoming part of a community that values your work, respects your rights, and tirelessly advocates for your well-being.

As we embark on this new chapter with the Richmond Labor and Trades Union, our excitement is palpable. We are committed to nurturing a productive, respectful, and beneficial relationship with Richmond City. This is a chance to set new standards, negotiate better conditions, and build a brighter future for all members of the Richmond labor community. Together, under the banner of Teamsters Richmond, we are stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Let's unite under the banner of Richmond Collective Bargaining and make a difference in the labor landscape of our city. Welcome to Teamsters Local 322 – where your voice matters, your work is valued, and your rights are our top priority. Let’s build a better future for Richmond’s labor and trades together!

Collective Bargaining in Richmond City

By joining the Teamsters, you will become part of a labor family which has been in the City of Richmond, and surrounding counties, for several decades! We welcome the opportunity to represent you. As your advocates, we will fight for better working conditions, better wages, and better benefits for all city employees.


The Teamsters believe that EVERY employee in the City of Richmond deserves to have a voice in their workplace.

Teamsters in the Public Sector

The Teamsters represent over 200,000 public sector workers just like you throughout North America. We fight for them from coast-to-coast, from big cities to the suburbs to rural communities. By joining together with a strong union, Teamsters in the public sector have won better compensation, paid time off, better working conditions, a grievance procedure and much more.

Whether you work in groups of 11,000 or 11, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. The Teamsters are led by rank-and-file leaders, just like you. As a Teamster member, you elect your local union leaders to serve as stewards, officers, bargaining team members and other roles.

Join the working men and women across North America who keep our communities running!

Click here to join the Teamsters Union today!

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