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Collective Bargaining in Richmond City

By joining the Teamsters, you will become part of a labor family which has been in the City of Richmond, and surrounding counties, for several decades! We welcome the opportunity to represent you. As your advocates, we will fight for better working conditions, better wages, and better benefits for all city employees.


The Teamsters believe that EVERY employee in the City of Richmond deserves to have a voice in their workplace.

Teamsters in the Public Sector

The Teamsters represent over 200,000 public sector workers just like you throughout North America. We fight for them from coast-to-coast, from big cities to the suburbs to rural communities. By joining together with a strong union, Teamsters in the public sector have won better compensation, paid time off, better working conditions, a grievance procedure and much more.

Whether you work in groups of 11,000 or 11, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. The Teamsters are led by rank-and-file leaders, just like you. As a Teamster member, you elect your local union leaders to serve as stewards, officers, bargaining team members and other roles.

Join the working men and women across North America who keep our communities running!

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