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Hello and welcome. We are glad you have taken the time to learn more about becoming a Teamster. By joining our great union, you will become part of a labor family which has been located in the City of Richmond, and surrounding counties, for several decades! We welcome the opportunity to represent you. As your advocates, we will fight for better working conditions, better wages, and better benefits for all city employees.

The Teamsters believe that EVERY employee in the City of Richmond deserves to have a voice in their workplace. Furthermore, we do not want your voice to get lost…This is why we believe that the currently proposed ordinance which includes several (separate) bargaining units is the best option! Simply put, the needs of your department may not necessarily be the same as the needs of another department which is located in our city. You may ask yourself, why does that matter? Well, would you want a different department telling your department how to operate? If all city employees are grouped under one bargaining unit, it will become extremely difficult for your concerns to be heard, much less addressed.

There is only one collective bargaining option for the City of Richmond and that is multiple bargaining units. This will ensure ALL EMPLOYEES have a voice at the bargaining table.

If you're ready to sign up with us now, click here. Otherwise, please read on to learn more about how the Teamsters can help you win a better workplace for you!

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The Teamsters Public Services Division is made of over 200,000 workers throughout North America.

Teamsters are in your schools, as administrators, maintenance staff and bus drivers.

Teamsters repair city streets, highways and train tracks.

Teamsters are in your neighborhoods maintaining critical public infrastructure, from water and sewars to parks and roads.

And Teamsters keep their communities safe, working as police officers, court services, 911 personnel and correctional officers.

Teamsters are aircraft mechanics and zoo keepers!

We fight for our public sector members from coast to coast and in communities big and small, from big cities to the suburbs to rural communities.

Whether you work in groups of 11,000 or 11, the Teamsters believe in you and your co-workers right to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.

We believe in respecting all members’ backgrounds and beliefs and ensuring your employer does too.

The Teamsters are led by rank-and-file leaders, just like you. As a Teamster member, you elect your Local’s leaders to serve as stewards, officers, bargaining team members and other roles.

Join the working men and women across North America who keep our communities running! Join the Teamsters Union today!

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By joining together in a strong union, Teamsters have won better compensation, paid time off, better working conditions, a grievance procedure and much more.

Better Pay
On average, Union employees earn more than $11,000 per year than non-Union workers.

Access to Health Care Benefits
Union: 94% Non-Union: 69%

Access to Retirement Benefits
Union: 94% Non-Union: 66%

Paid Sick Leave
Union: 84% Non-Union: 70%

Paid Vacation Leave
Union: 89% Non-Union 76%
(2017-2018 Department of Labor/Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Why Become a Member?

Because you deserve a say in determining your working conditions. By standing with 1.4 million Teamsters, including 200,000 Public Services members, you have a strong voice and a strong contract. Click here to take the next step of signing a card to allow the Teamsters to represent you with your collective bargaining!