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Richmond City Labor & Trades Workers Vote To Join Teamsters Local 322 in Runoff Election

Oct 27, 2023

Teamsters Local 322 proudly announces its recent victory in the Richmond City Labor & Trades runoff election.

Press Contact: Matt Maciejczak (804)321-0356

RICHMOND CITY — Teamsters Local 322 proudly announces its recent victory in the Richmond City Labor & Trades runoff election. With this monumental win, the union is now designated as the exclusive bargaining agent for the Richmond City Labor & Trades employees. The journey ahead is significant, as they are on the brink of bargaining a historic first contract.

"Congratulations to the Richmond City workers for making the powerful decision to join Teamsters Local 322. Your unity speaks volumes, and together, we'll fight for the strong and equitable contract you've earned,” expressed Teamsters Local 322 President Brian Peyton. “Welcome to the Teamster family!"

The palpable excitement and optimism from the workers can be felt in the air. Curtis Campbell from Richmond DPU voiced his optimism, saying, “Now that we have Teamster representation the city can finally become an equal opportunity place to work and we have 1.3 million Teamsters backing us up.” His sentiments were echoed by a fellow city veteran, Demetrio “Poochie” Preston of Richmond DPU, who added, "Having worked for the city for 26 years, I now know us City Employees will FINALLY have a voice at the negotiating table as Teamster brothers and sisters." Mavis Allen Green Jr. from Richmond DPW emphasized the unity this brings, stating, “City workers have voted Teamsters Yes twice, resoundingly and now it's time to TRULY be One City, Our City, a Teamster City."

This achievement is the culmination of steadfast dedication and unity displayed by Richmond City workers, who have been striving for collective bargaining rights. Their efforts have culminated in a substantial victory for worker rights.

Dwayne Johnson, Organizing Director of Teamsters Local 322, shared his thoughts: "Richmond City workers have shown incredible dedication and unity in their fight for collective bargaining. Their hard work has brought them to this moment. Now, as we start to negotiate their first-ever collective bargaining contract, their commitment will shine even brighter. We're here to ensure they get what they deserve."

The seeds for this landmark event were sown in July 2022 when, after an exhaustive political organizing campaign, the city council passed an ordinance, granting collective bargaining rights to Richmond City workers. For 45 long years, city employees had been without this privilege. The freshly minted law paved the way for workers to ally with a union and negotiate with their employer on vital aspects, including wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Ever since the ordinance passed, Teamsters Local 322 has been at the forefront, joining hands with the Richmond City Labor & Trades bargaining unit. Their collaborative effort has been unwavering since July of 2022, aiming to integrate them into the union. With today's voting results, a staggering 611 Richmond City employees will finally enjoy representation, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are upheld. This monumental step allows them to secure the wages, benefits, and working conditions they truly deserve, as they join forces with the most formidable union in North America.

About Teamsters Local 322:

Teamsters Local 322, the second-largest Teamsters local union in Virginia, represents more than 2,000 workers in various industries throughout Richmond, Virginia, and surrounding areas.

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