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Apr 28, 2023

Commonwealth’s Dept. of Education Leaves Curriculum Intact

(RICHMOND, Va.) – Following successful lobbying and organizing efforts, the Teamsters are celebrating the defeat of an attempt by anti-union ideologues to remove the history of labor unions from the curriculum of Virginia Public Schools.

“This is a victory for working people everywhere, and we commend the Department of Education for recognizing the importance of this subject,” said Brian Peyton, President of Teamsters Local 322 and Political Coordinator of Joint Council 83. “Political coordinators from every Teamster local union in Virginia participated in this effort. This is what happens when working people come together and exercise their strength to ensure that government officials do the right thing.”

The proposed change to the curriculum had sparked widespread outrage among labor organizations, who argued that it would deny students the opportunity to learn about the struggles and triumphs of working people throughout history. Teamsters and other unions organized, lobbied, and attended listening sessions and other events across Virginia to demand that the history of organized labor continue to be taught in public schools throughout the Commonwealth.

“The history of labor unions is an essential part of our shared history as Americans,” said James Wright, International Vice President at Large and President of Teamsters Local 822. “It is through the efforts of workers and their unions that we have been able to secure the rights and protections that we enjoy today. By preserving this history, we are ensuring that future generations will understand the importance of collective action and the power of solidarity.”

Teamsters Local 322 represents over 1,600 workers in Virginia. For more information, visit

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